The IRS is in trouble.

They are not immune to the effects of the pandemic shutdowns, and when the first IRS employees returned to work, they discovered a MASSIVE backlog of cases. 

Reports said that a pile of almost 11 million pieces of unanswered mail welcomed the first IRS staff that came back to work.

With the IRS understaffed and overwhelmed, most taxpayers do not realize that now is the best opportunity to apply to have your tax debt reduced or eliminated.

The IRS Forced to Offer Relief Options

The Fresh Start Program was created to protect taxpayers from unethical and relentless collections of unpaid tax debt.

While the IRS is usually bound and determined to collect as much money as possible from delinquent taxpayers, the IRS is legally required to consider applicants for the Fresh Start Program.

Under normal circumstances, a taxpayer applying for the Fresh Start Program may face months – even years – of back and forth negotiations with the IRS.

Why? Because during negotiations, interest, fees, and penalties continue to make your tax debt grow larger and larger.

After the IRS has milked you for as long as they can, they usually pressure taxpayers to enter into a high-interest payment plan – which keeps you paying into your ever-growing debt for years to come.

However, right now, the IRS does not have the luxury to play by their usual rules. 

With extremely limited resources, the IRS has to close out as many cases as possible before the upcoming tax deadline, April 15, 2021.

How to get Tax Relief Fast

The tax deadline quickly approaches, and the IRS has offered a record number of settlements with tax debt reductions of over 90% of the original amount owed.

If you owe tax debt, it is essential that you apply for relief as soon as possible and take advantage of the relief options available to you.

But we offer this one piece of advice…

If you want FAST tax relief, you need to work with a professional tax relief company.

Unlike the average taxpayer, tax relief professionals aren’t inconvenienced by the same hurdles one encounters when negotiating with the IRS.

In the past, a taxpayer calling the IRS may wait an average of 2 hours to speak with a live person and then wait even longer before speaking with an IRS representative that can actually process their request.

Due to the pandemic, the IRS faces a massive increase of correspondence, which caused the expected 2-hour wait time to double to 4-hours or more.

Your luck of corresponding with the IRS via mail prior to the tax deadline is even worse – remember, the IRS has a backlog of 11 million unopened mail pieces…

However, tax relief professionals have special access to IRS representatives and receive a “front-of-the-line” pass when communicating with the IRS.

Moreover, tax relief professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to negotiate the best possible resolution for your tax debt.

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