The 668 Form Series is a fleet of letters sent by the IRS to taxpayers indicating actions are being taken on their personal assets, such as a tax lien, tax levy, wage garnishment, or a release of any of the sort.

Letter 668D

Receiving Letter 668D is an indication from the IRS saying that your debt obligations have been satisfied. As part of the bylaws of this letter, any and all levies placed on your tangible and intangible assets will be lifted.

Alternatively, this notice can be sent once the time limit has expired for the IRS to make a collection on a debt, or if the agency concluded the garnishment was a mistake.

You are not the only one being sent the letter; your bank, employer, and any other financial institutions will be notified of your released levy. This will only benefit you, as it will increase your credit score and re-up your eligibility for applying for a loan.

Next Steps

If you received this letter intentionally or unintentionally, it is recommended to call the IRS immediately to confirm this is correct. If you need further assistance on how to execute this, it is recommended you consult a tax professional.