The tax industry has its own vernacular, which can be confusing for the average taxpayer. With terms like wage garnishment, liens, and levies floating around, it can be hard to determine exactly what your issue is and what can be done about it.

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Back Taxes

Back taxes are taxes that were not completely paid when due. Back tax can occur unintentionally, such as when taxpayers incorrectly fill out their tax returns or, or intentionally, such as failing to report all income or evading taxes altogether. Regardless of the circumstance, the IRS almost always finds out and has 10 years to collect unpaid taxes. Back tax can affect your credit score, affect your ability to buy a car or house, and can even result in wage garnishments and property seizures.

If you struggle with back taxes, the process can be terrifying and nauseating, especially if you are not in the financial position to pay your debts. As time ticks on, your amount due continues to rise due to penalties and interest, and it seems as if there is no hope to help you out of this hole.

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How Can I Resolve Back Taxes?

While you can certainly contact the IRS and negotiate a payment plan on your own behalf, the IRS is a bureaucratic organization that can be tricky to navigate. Often times, taxpayers are misled into paying more than is necessary or led into situations that are nearly impossible to get out of.

Your best bet is to partner with a qualified tax relief agency who knows how to play the IRS’ game. By setting up an installment plan through a tax relief agency, you no longer have to deal with the IRS bureaucracy and instead have a clear and reasonable path to financial freedom.

Additionally, tax relief agencies can help fight liens, levies, and garnishes that have been placed on you by the IRS that otherwise would limit your financial freedom and ruin your credit.

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