The federal government funded the IRS Fresh Start Program to forgive millions of taxpayer debt, so why does the IRS make it so difficult to use? In 2012, under the Obama administration, the IRS Fresh Start Program was expanded to be more accessible to a wider pool of taxpayers by being more flexible with who is eligible for the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program. An offer in compromise is when the IRS and the taxpayer or their representative come to a mutual agreement to lower the total amount of tax due. Each case is individually considered, but sometimes the IRS wipes out close to 100% of tax debt owed. With the expansion of the program, you would think that Americans would be granted tax relief regularly, right? Wrong. Though the IRS is required to provide relief to those who qualify and go through the process, they continue to make that process more and more difficult to complete, so taxpayers are discouraged from the relief that they are entitled to.
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Don’t let the IRS confuse you out of the relief you deserve. No one wants to deal with the bureaucracy of the IRS alone. If you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program, you should contact a tax relief firm immediately. A tax expert is the only way to guarantee that you will find the most relief accessible. The IRS does not have your best interest at heart. They work with thousands of delinquent taxpayers every day, and their ability to see you as an individual is limited. Work with a specialized tax relief firm instead. A tax relief firm is dedicating to ensuring you get the best deal from the IRS. They fight the IRS every day for their clients, and they are the only people qualified to go head-to-head with the IRS.
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The IRS continues to claim that you are able to find tax relief without a specialized tax expert. But in reality, the IRS is actively attempting to cut off your resources, so you don’t achieve the best deal possible. The IRS wants their money. Pure and simple. And they will do whatever is possible to ensure that you pay. Don’t let the IRS win. Take the next step today and fight for your right to financial freedom.