US Capitol Building During Government Shutdown.
If you owe money to the IRS, the current government shutdown just made things a little more complicated. During the shutdown, the IRS is running on an extremely limited staff. Only 12% of their team is in the office. Tax professionals claim that regardless of the shutdown, you should still file your taxes as soon as possible. The IRS will be slow to mail out tax returns this year, and especially for Americans who rely on their tax return to survive, the earlier you can file the better.
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The first week of January, the IRS was due to send out collection letters, letters of intent to levy and lien, and other notices to delinquent taxpayers. Due to the government shutdown, the IRS did not send out any of these notices. Not having to worry about being contacted by the IRS during this shutdown might be a welcome relief for those in tax debt, but it does not mean that your tax debt is forgiven. Quite the opposite, your delinquent account still collects interest and penalties throughout this shutdown. For taxpayers who owe the IRS, this shutdown may still be beneficial to you, but only if you take action now. Think of this shutdown as a timeout. You can take a breather from being targeted by the IRS, but you shouldn’t take a break completely. Now is the time to do your research and finalize your strategy for dealing with your tax debt. The IRS offers the Fresh Start Program as a legitimate way to set up payment plans and reduce or eliminate your debt.
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The Fresh Start Program is designed to be navigated directly by the taxpayer, but especially due to this government shutdown, working with a professional tax relief agency might be most beneficial for your case. A tax relief agency is able to hold the IRS to its own legal standards and protect taxpayers’ bill of rights. The IRS is not a fully automated system by any means. The IRS is run by a number of low-paid government employees, the turnover rate is high, and the learning curve is steep. The rate of error is extremely high, and it’s the IRS’s errors that make your case stronger. The IRS would prefer for you to apply for the Fresh Start Program yourself, hoping that you don’t dig too deep into why you owe what they claim, and accept their offer for a payment plan. A tax relief firm, however, will approach the Fresh Start Program through a lawyer’s lens. The only way to guarantee that you are receiving the best settlement offer possible from the IRS is to have a professional by your side.
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When it comes to this government shutdown, take the time to create a game plan. Reach out to a reputable tax relief company who will be able to build a strong case for you. When the government reopens, the IRS will be playing massive catch-up, will be making more mistakes, and be more willing to compromise to reduce your debt. Interested in reaching out to a reputable tax relief firm? Fresh Start Info vets our partners and pairs you with the best tax relief firm for your situation. Click below to see if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program.

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