Senior’s hand holding a Federal treasury check and envelope just received in mail. Concept image for government payments for corona virus relief, IRS refund or other financial payments.

As part of a response to assist the 14 billion taxpayers who owe back tax debt, the IRS released the Fresh Start Initiative. This initiative provides taxpayers a number of different programs aimed to eliminate, reduce, or manage an unpayable tax bill.

Through this program, the IRS forgives MILLIONS in back tax debt every single year, but many taxpayers in dire need of assistance have no idea that these programs are available to them or how to benefit the most from them.

Recently, the IRS announced additional tax relief initiatives in an effort to assist taxpayers struggling financially during the current COVID-19 pandemic including the suspension of certain IRS payments until the summer and the updated tax filing deadline of July 15th, 2020.

Additionally, the IRS is now accepting more taxpayers into IRS Fresh Start Programs in an effort to alleviate financial strain and economic collapse.

The IRS Fresh Start Program is now easier than ever to qualify for and more taxpayers are being accepted for a REDUCTION in tax debt than ever before, but many taxpayers don’t know how to take advantage of this program.

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What is the Fresh Start Program?

The IRS Fresh Start Program offers a number of ways to manage, reduce, or eliminate your tax debt, but all programs have now been expanded to allow MORE taxpayers to qualify during the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is important to note that taxpayers who have a previous tax debt will not be granted tax relief automatically. If you have an outstanding tax debt with the IRS prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, you will still need to apply for an IRS Fresh Start Program before receiving relief.

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Who Qualifies?

Tax resolutions are made on a case-by-case basis, which is why having a knowledgeable tax expert on your side is crucial.

These tax collectors are no amateurs; you’ll be dealing with seasoned professionals that get what they want and don’t stop until they do.

You need a professional to look at your documents before the IRS does so that you have clear advice on what to expect and how to proceed.

Don’t Miss Your Chance For Relief

The COVID-19 Pandemic brings immense amounts of uncertainty to the American public and conditions are changing by the hour.

With relief options finally opening up to taxpayers NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO ACT.

The IRS Fresh Start Program is available and millions of eligible Americans aren’t taking advantage. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

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