Before 2022 is Over, Take Advantage of this Federal Program

The pandemic induced lockdowns resulted in massive job loss across America. In April, unemployment hit almost 15%, and between March to June, nearly 50 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits.

As 2022 comes to a close, many Americans will not have the means to celebrate the holidays as they usually would. However, there is a federal program that has the potential to save the holidays for thousands of Americans.

This program, known as the Fresh Start Initiative, has existed for some time, but the scope of its usefulness wasn’t fully realized until recent economic distress.

What is the Fresh Start Initiative?

The Fresh Start Initiative is a program created and designed by the federal government to help taxpayers who would never be able to pay off their outstanding tax debts.

Under certain circumstances, the Fresh Start Initiative allows the IRS to partially forgive tax debt. The primary criteria the IRS takes into consideration is the taxpayer’s financial situation.

To see if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program, you can fill out our brief Tax Relief Survey. We offer this survey as a FREE resource; just a few minutes could help you resolve your tax debt in time for the holidays.

Why Should You Resolve Tax Debt Before 2023?

Put plainly, 2021 will be a poor year for tax relief. Since the IRS examines a taxpayer’s financial situation when qualifying them for tax relief, the current 2022 economic hardships will heavily influence their decision.

Many tax experts have observed that this year saw record numbers of accepted offers by the IRS. Despite all of 2022’s shortcomings, its unique circumstances have made it an ideal year for obtaining tax relief.

Should the economy recover in 2023, IRS examiners will have less reason to look upon cases with the same leniency they had in 2022. While the Fresh Start Initiative has no deadline, this 2022 holiday season couldn’t be a better time for tax relief.

See if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program today!

It is 100% FREE to see if you qualify. Don’t let 2022 end while you still have unresolved tax debt!

  1. Answer a few questions about your finances
  2. Qualify and be presented with a resolution
  3. Enroll in Fresh Start

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