When you struggle with tax debt, there often seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. We reached out to our partners and asked if any of their clients* would like to share their stories. This is what they said:
Charles N. Pastor in Oakland, CA
Charles lives in the Bay area and makes a modest living as a Pastor. They owed back taxes, but it was the interest and penalties that made their total debt insurmountable**. Charles reached out to Fresh Start Info, and we paired him with one of our partners. Together, they were able to secure Charles with an Offer in Compromise and lowered his total amount due to less than one thousand. “I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to have been given this second chance. My wife and I have always worked hard to be good citizens, but our tax debt got completely out of control. I’m thankful to be back in a position where I don’t fear bankruptcy or debt collectors and instead I can focus on my work and my family. 
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Dylan G. Realtor in Kearny, New Jersey
During the recent recession, Dylan fell behind on his taxes and acquired over $200,000 in tax debt. After working with the IRS, he was granted an installment agreement. His plan required him to pay $7,000 a month or face a possible bank levy. After becoming a client of one of our partners, Dylan’s installment agreement was lowered to $400 a month, and his overall debt amount was lowered by 40%. “I worked directly with the IRS originally because I didn’t want to pay a tax firm for something that I was able to do myself. It wasn’t until my team let me know that they could reduce my monthly payments by thousands that I gave them a chance. They handled my case effortlessly and overall I’m saving more money than I could have imagined. I still go back to them every year for tax season because I know they’ll take care of me. 
Jeny B. Factory Worker in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Jeny raises her two grandkids and lived on a fixed income after a back injury at her work. Years of hospital bills and physical therapy put a strain on her household, and she ended up with almost $20,000 in tax debt. After a full investigation, Jeny and her case manager were able to file as Currently Non-Collectable to keep the IRS at bay as they built and succeeded in her Offer in Compromise case. “I can’t believe how much I was able to save. I thought my debt would follow me to the grave and then be a burden to my family. Not having to worry about my tax debt on top of everything else that’s been going has been so helpful. I was able to work through my PT and get back to work without fear. “
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our partners’ clients. ** Client asked to not release original debt amount.