Here’s how the IRS will settle your tax debt for less.

If you owe more than $10,000 in tax debt, this is the one simple tip the IRS hopes you don’t find out about. 

Here’s the tip:

If You:

  • Currently owe the IRS
  • Cannot repay your tax debt in full

You need to see if you qualify for the IRS FRESH START INITIATIVE

How Can The Fresh Start Initiative Help You?

Fresh Start is a program that saves taxpayers MILLIONS in tax debt every year. 

If you qualify for the Fresh Start Program, you may be eligible for several different resolutions including penalty abatement and debt settlement – saving you up to 90% of your total amount owed. 

The IRS is relentless and aggressive in their collection tactics, pressuring taxpaying Americans to pay more than they can afford.

Legally, the IRS is required to honor the Fresh Start Program, but they’d prefer if they didn’t have to. 

Why Have Taxpayers Been Kept In The Dark For So Long About This?

14 million Americans suffer under the crippling weight of tax debt.

Meanwhile, the IRS is failing to mention that the Fresh Start Program was specifically designed to alleviate said debt! 


The IRS has one goal: collect as much money as possible. 

Most taxpayers are unaware that if you qualify for this program, the IRS is forced to resolve your tax debt and stop their collection activities. 

How To Use The Fresh Start Program To Your Advantage

The IRS will use tactics to incite fear and increase the likelihood of getting money from you. 

That’s why it’s important to have a tax professional on your side, fighting for your rights and simultaneously putting an end to the harassment.

Often, the IRS will try to place you on a high, monthly-payment plan, but if you know your rights and have a professional on your side, you can possibly qualify for a substantial reduction. 

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Studies have shown that when taxpayers work with a tax relief agency, their chances of achieving an offer in compromise increase because their cases are stronger when prepared by a professional firm.

What You Need To Do Now

Don’t wait until the IRS is hounding you for money that you don’t have! Take action today to secure your assets and avoid collections.

  1. Pre-qualify for Fresh Start by clicking here!
  2. Upon approval, we’ll help you gain financial freedom! 
Want to see if you qualify for a Fresh Start? Select your debt amount below to begin.