As inflation rises, the federal government increases IRS funding by billions of dollars! IRS Collections increase and taxpayers seek the best relief through the IRS Fresh Start Program.

Inflation has had damaging effects on the economy. The price of food, gasoline, and housing has suffered as a result. If that weren’t enough to make it difficult on American citizens, the federal government released a series of massive funding to the IRS, as seen in figure a.

This means the IRS will be able to hire a lot more agents to come after Americans who owe taxes or have unfiled tax years. As technology advances, the IRS is now able to catch delinquent taxpayers with a lot more precision and availability of workers. They have received just over $80 billion dollars in additional funding to assist in recouping past due tax debt in order to combat inflation.


Many American taxpayers don’t know that they qualify for relief programs with the IRS. The reality is…the IRS doesn’t want you to know! The great news is that qualifying is easy. Even though the IRS has had increased funding, there are still relief options available.

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As inflation rises, taxpayers seek the best relief through the IRS Fresh Start Program. Why is now the time to seek relief? Due to inflation, the IRS requirements to qualify for a reduction, and in some cases elimination of tax debt, are more lenient than ever before.

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