Decade-old Tax Relief Program Is Finally Being Utilized 

Taxpayers had a rough year in 2020. The economy fell apart and left millions jobless. When tax time came around, it’s no wonder the average American couldn’t afford to pay what they normally would. So why didn’t more people apply for a relief program? It seems that most taxpayers aren’t aware that relief is available, or they’re skeptical of its legitimacy.

In 2011, the IRS started the Fresh Start Program to assist taxpayers with their tax liabilities. However, tax experts find that most of their clients were unaware that it ever existed.

When taxpayers fill out our Tax Relief Survey, they are able to see if they qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program and begin their journey toward tax resolution in minutes.

What is the Fresh Start Program?

“The IRS recognizes that many taxpayers are still struggling to pay their bills, so they have put in place common-sense changes to the OIC [offer in compromise] program that more closely reflect real-world situations.” This quote is taken directly from the IRS publication on the Fresh Start Program.

Considering that most Americans cannot afford another bill at this time, the IRS must act accordingly and be open to negotiation. The issue, however, is that taxpayers are not aware of the Fresh Start Program’s existence, or they are skeptical of using it in 2020.

The program has been around for a decade, but it’s not surprising that most people are wary of using it due to the misconception that it’s new and exclusive.

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Why is The Fresh Start Program not promoted?

The IRS has a page on their website about the Fresh Start Program, but they certainly do not recommend it over the phone or in the office. Why is that?

An IRS examiner’s role is to be sure that everyone is paying their taxes by any means. Whether you need to sell property, give up your assets, or garnish wages, you must pay your taxes in the eyes of the IRS. Collectors do not present the Fresh Start Program to taxpayers because they will not receive as much money, or any money, from you if they do.

Another reason why you may not have heard of it is that when people think of relief programs, they typically don’t consider that something like this exists for back taxes. A simple search will provide a myriad of results about Fresh Start, but the average debtor doesn’t think to look until their case is severe.

How to know if you qualify for Fresh Start

Owing more than what you could realistically pay in back taxes, particularly due to financial hardship, is a trait that makes you a great candidate for the Fresh Start Program. If a garnishment could put your livelihood in an unsustainable position, then you have a right to alternative solutions.

Learn if you qualify today

There are available resources and people that can help you enroll in Fresh Start.

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