Every year, approximately 30 MILLION people owe money to the IRS. Of those 30 million, about 8.2 million people do not pay the total amount owed and fall into delinquency with the IRS. Owing the IRS is by no means a rarity. Tax debt happens to the rich, the poor, the employees, and the employers. You may feel that you are struggling with your debt alone, but in reality, millions of other Americans are in your exact situation. But did you know that tax is relief possible?
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This is no sales pitch, scam, or offer-too-good-to-be-true. The IRS set up the Fresh Start Program to help people with tax debt find relief without suffering crippling financial strain or bankruptcy. So why haven’t you heard of it? If you have heard of it, why haven’t you used it? If you did use it, why didn’t it work? The IRS claims that you can file for your Fresh Start by yourself. This is true. You can also file your taxes by yourself. But that might have been what got you into this mess in the first place.
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The truth is, dealing with the IRS takes an expert. The IRS wants you to file for relief by yourself, set up a payment plan, and pay the IRS once a month for the rest of your life. But part of the Fresh Start program includes what the IRS calls an Offer in Compromise (OIC). The IRS continues to claim how rare it is to be accepted for an OIC despite the fact that in 2012, under the Obama administration, the restrictions on qualifying for an OIC were largely relaxed which means now more people than ever are eligible for their tax debt to be significantly reduced or eliminated completely.  The secret is you need to have a tax expert fighting for you. The odds of you negotiating with the IRS with the same success as a professional is slim to none. Don’t leave your financial future up to chance. What Next? If you have the excess time and money to fight the IRS on your own, feel free to contact the IRS directly. If you’re ready to work with a tax expert and guarantee that you receive the highest level of relief possible, follow the link below and get out of tax debt today.
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