A FreshStartInfo partner reached out to us after one of their clients in the Los Angeles area received two scam letters falsely threatening tax liens on social security.

The first letter, sent from “Benefits Suspension Unity, Los Angeles County” claims that the recipient owes: “$7,760.00” with NOTICE OF INTENT LEVY SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS written across the top of the page.

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Another letter was sent to the same recipient this time from the “Department of Tax Resolution Services” this time with a header stating: NOTICE: INTENT TO CONTACT – IMMEDIATE RESPONSE IS REQUIRED. The letter continues with a vague reference of a State Tax Lien. Again, the formidable (and false) claim of a tax balance of $7,760.00 printed repeatedly across the page.

Upon further research, it appears that these letters have reached taxpayers on the East coast, so FreshStartInfo urges all Americans to be cautious.

Many “tax relief” companies prey on the urgency of tax debt resolution to manipulate taxpayers in a desperate situation to spend thousands and thousands for help.

FreshStartInfo is dedicated to not only bringing these scammers to light but also provide necessary resources for taxpayers in need of real assistance. We’ve created a free survey to connect our readers looking for real help.

FreshStartInfo continues to investigate and speak to both state and federal law enforcement to ensure that this scammer sees justice.

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If you were the recipient of a similar letter, send it to us at info@freshstartinfo.org with SCAM in the subject line.