Pandemic Tax Breaks Ending Soon, are You Prepared?

Each day, the likelihood of another economic relief package decreases. Although lawmakers believe that they will eventually reach a pandemic-aid deal, it is unlikely that it would include direct payments for households.

Furthermore, with the advent of recent commercial vaccines, the push to reopen will certainly dissuade lawmakers from passing additional pandemic tax breaks for remote workers and small businesses.

While the future of further government aid grows more uncertain with each passing day, there is a government tax relief program that holds steadfast. That program is the IRS Fresh Start Initiative.

The Decade-Old Tax Relief Program is Finally Being Utilized 

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative was created by the Federal Government in 2010 and imposed upon the IRS – who were using such disturbingly predatory practices the government saw no choice but to force the IRS to offer tax relief to struggling Americans.

Though the IRS Fresh Start Initiative has existed for a decade, it is finally being utilized in this time of crisis. Unsurprisingly, the program has remained unknown to most Americans because the IRS never advertises it.

The IRS Fresh Start Program does not serve the best interest of the IRS, which prioritizes lengthy payment plans over resolutions. The IRS prefers to collect as much money as possible from delinquent taxpayers than offer them the chance to reduce their tax debt.

Instead, the program benefits delinquent tax filers. Should you qualify, the program offers you the opportunity to decrease your tax debt to a more reasonable amount.

Take Advantage of Fresh Start Before Your Tax Debt is Out of Control

Day after day, the chances of additional pandemic tax breaks decrease while your tax debt accumulates more interest and more penalties. Don’t put all of your hope in something bipartisan lawmakers still haven’t settled on – utilize the tax relief program that already exists.

Moreover, if the country returns to normal, The IRS will resume its operations at full efficiency – and that will mean collection letters and penalties for those with back taxes. In the absence of nation-wide distress, it will be significantly harder to negotiate a settlement with the IRS.

Even if you haven’t received an IRS letter yet, know that one is imminent. Don’t wait till your tax debt has ballooned out of control. Take our brief Tax Relief Survey now to see if you are eligible for a possible reduction.

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