Could this new program be the greatest tax relief program in history?

The IRS offers a number of different tax relief programs for taxpayers who struggle to pay a tax bill. These tax relief programs have helped taxpayers save millions in total! But many taxpayers find navigating the IRS tax relief programs confusing and often don’t know which program will yield them the most savings.

Are You Eligible For This Special Government Program?

Taxpayers who owe more than $10,000 to the IRS will likely qualify for one or more IRS tax relief programs. These programs range from payment plans that will limit penalties to settlement offers that will completely wipe out a tax balance. With over 14 million Americans in tax debt, it’s hard to imagine that these programs are not being talked about more often.

When taxpayers take FreshStartInfo’s Pre-Qualification Survey, they are shocked to find out that they may qualify for this new program that offers shockingly reduced payment plans and settlement offers.

The government has created these programs to help taxpayers who cannot afford their tax bill finally get out from under their tax debt once and for all.

How Can You Check If You Qualify?

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Act Now Before Your Window of Opportunity Closes

While the government has not announced an expiration date for this federally-backed program, do not risk missing your chance to take advantage of this relief opportunity. Taxpayers are urged to TAKE ADVANTAGE TODAY.

If reducing your tax debt, eliminating penalties, and stopping IRS collection threats would help you, it is vital that you act now.

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