If You Owe Back Taxes to the IRS, Be Wary

In the wake of COVID-19, the government spent trillions on relief and moved the historic tax filing deadline. After spending so much, the IRS is determined to get their money back.  

For those that owe back taxes, the IRS wants to put you on a monthly payment plan. Should you default once, they’ll hit you with their harshest penalties possible.

Don’t Lose Hope! It’s Not Too Late to Apply for Tax Relief

Even though the deadline to file your taxes was July 15th, that doesn’t mean you can’t file for tax debt relief. There is no deadline to apply.

If you have heard that you can only apply for tax relief before July 15th – don’t believe it! 

Unlike the tax deadline, The IRS Fresh Start program is always available to Americans.

See if you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program Today.

The IRS Fresh Start Program

Created in 2007, the IRS Fresh Start Program has undergone significant change, making it available for an even larger group of Americans.

The IRS Fresh Start Program is a very real initiative that has helped taxpayers save millions in the past, and it can do the same for you now.

To maximize your savings, and to avoid the collection efforts of the IRS, take action today and apply.

You Don’t Have Go About this Alone

Tax debt affects millions of Americans. Unfortunately, only a few seek out assistance to resolve their debts with the IRS.

Contact a tax expert to help you with your debt. Having a professional on your side will prevent the IRS from bullying you into an agreement you can’t afford.

Plus, tax professionals provide you with the highest likelihood of getting the most ideal agreement possible with the IRS.

All it takes is one phone call and a few minutes of your time to regain control of your financial future.

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What You Need To Do Now

Take action today, before the IRS has crippled you with penalties and interest. It’s 100% FREE to see if you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program.

  1. Pre-qualify for Fresh Start by clicking here!
  2. Upon approval, we’ll help you gain financial freedom! 

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