The IRS Fresh Start Program is a subsidized program created by the federal government to help taxpayers who cannot pay the full amount they owe in back taxes navigate their way toward financial relief. This program was expanded in 2012 to allow more Americans the opportunity to utilize the program, but unfortunately, many taxpayers across the country believe tax relief is a scam.
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Is Tax Relief a Scam? The short answer is no. Every year the IRS eliminates over one million dollars in tax debt. Everyday taxpayers are granted payment plans or Offer in Compromises that allow them to settle their debt for much lower than the original amount due. So, why all the scam talk? Part of the reason for the scam rumors is that the Fresh Start Program seems too good to be true. How could the same people who are threatening you regularly, garnishing your wages, and putting liens on your property just…eliminate your debt? The Fresh Start Program was designed to allow the IRS to stop hunting you down. The IRS spends billions every year tracking down taxpayers and collects very little money in return. It’s actually better for the IRS to collect a reduced amount rather than spend the money required to get every penny out of you. Another reason why tax relief is questioned as a scam is that the industry is, well, susceptible to scammers. With any industry that deals with people struggling with debt, there are those who will want to talk advantage. Being targeted by the IRS can be terrifying and stressful and many times, people will be desperate for a quick fix (which is what most scammers promise). If you choose to work with a tax relief company, make sure you chose a reputable team with a proven track record.
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Should You Work With A Tax Relief Firm? The IRS Fresh Start Program allows anyone to submit their case for qualification and negotiate a settlement with the IRS. So, if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program on your own, why pay a tax relief firm? It all depends on your situation, but with many things, sometimes it’s best to bring in the pros. At Fresh Start Info, we only partner with tax relief firms who have a strong staff of Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents. While you could defend yourself to the IRS, just like in the court of law, sometimes it’s best to get a lawyer involved to ensure you get the best outcome possible. Interested In Learning More? Fill out a few short questions, and we’ll be able to let you know if you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program!