tax debt

With the global economy in a tailspin, people who owe the IRS significant debt are thrown into even more uncertainty about their financial security.

Since March, there have been a number of stimuli bills passed by the federal government in an effort to help taxpayers survive during these uncertain times.

What most taxpayers don’t know is that these relief packages offer a MAJOR opportunity for taxpayers struggling with tax debt to resolve their tax debt with the IRS once and for all.

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Take Advantage of the IRS Relief Programs

The IRS has long had the Fresh Start Initiative available for taxpayers to take advantage of to resolve the tax debt, but recent expansions through the People First Initiative now allow unprecedented savings for taxpayers.

These changes and expansions to the way that the IRS forgives and resolves tax debt are only available to taxpayers during this current global crisis and should be considered TEMPORARY.

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The IRS revealed that the new People First Initiative temporarily adjusts and SUSPENDS key compliance restrictions that have limited the agency’s ability to forgive tax debt in the past.

For taxpayers with a CURRENT tax liability, resolution options are now expanded with more flexible deadlines and repayment choices.

How Does It Work?

The IRS still requires that taxpayers are struggling with some provable financial hardship that limits the taxpayer’s ability to repay their tax debt in full.

This means that:


  • Are experiencing a financial hardship AND
  • Are NOT able to repay the full amount of your IRS tax debt


  • For a substantial reduction in the overall balance of your tax debt OR
  • For an IRS Resolution that provides SUBSTANTIAL savings in penalties and interest

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How To Get Started

Don’t miss an opportunity to resolve your IRS tax debt once and for all.

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  2. Choose the best resolution option for you and your unique situation.
  3. Resolve your IRS tax debt once and for all!