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With rising inflation and increasing living costs, managing tax debt has become a significant concern for many Americans. The IRS is offering a lifeline through the Fresh Start Program, which aims to forgive millions in tax debt.

Hi, I’m Maria Anderson. A few months ago, I found myself overwhelmed with a staggering tax debt of $34,673. I felt trapped, not knowing where to turn or how I would ever pay off such a large amount. The constant worry about IRS collections and penalties was a heavy burden.

I had heard about tax relief programs before, but I never realized I might qualify for them. It wasn’t until I had a free consultation with a Verified FreshStartInfo partner that I discovered the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program, a crucial component of the IRS Fresh Start Program.

The team at FreshStartInfo was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. They guided me through every step of the application process and negotiated with the IRS on my behalf. I was amazed and relieved when I found out that I qualified for the OIC program

“After working with the FreshStartInfo team, my tax debt was reduced from $34,673 to an astonishingly low amount of just $300. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”

**My Story**: “I never imagined that my tax debt could be reduced so drastically. The Fresh Start Program has truly given me a fresh start in life. I am incredibly grateful for the assistance and support I received throughout the process.”

My story is just one example of how the IRS Fresh Start Program can make a significant difference in the lives of taxpayers struggling with overwhelming tax debts.

Here’s the great news — You can qualify for these programs today following a free consultation with a Verified FreshStartInfo partner.

**NOTE**: The IRS Fresh Start Program is not guaranteed to stay. If you cannot afford your tax debt, take advantage of the relief programs while you can.

How To Qualify For Tax Relief

STEP 1: Taxpayers can click here to qualify

STEP 2: Answer a few questions to see if you qualify to resolve your tax debt