At Fresh Start Info, we only partner with tax relief agencies who have a proven track-record defending their clients against the IRS. We are selective with our partnerships and only choose to align with tax relief agencies who meet the following criteria.

Number of In-House Tax Experts

We require our partners to have a minimum number of full-time enrolled agents and tax attorneys on staff year-round.

Why? Many times individual CPAs will look to expand their client-list by claiming they are able to negotiate your tax debt with the IRS. While they may be well-intentioned, an individual CPA rarely has the experience or resources it requires to successfully negotiate tax relief.

Number of Successful OICs Per Year

An Offer in Compromise, or OIC, is the most difficult type of tax relief to qualify for because it allows your tax debt to be partially or completely eliminated. Each year, thousands of taxpayers are denied their chance at an OIC because they do not have the proper strategy for defending their case to the IRS.

Our tax-relief partners are required to have a 95% or higher success rate for submitted OIC cases.

Number of Years in Business

The tax relief industry is riddled with scams which can make it difficult to know who to trust. As part of our vetting process, we do not accept any new or budding tax relief agencies. This allows us to cut down on the scams in our industry and ensure that we are recommending our readers the best and most experienced tax relief agencies to help them navigate the IRS Fresh Start Program.

Number of Cases Submitted to the IRS Per Month

Many CPAs who claim they are capable of negotiating the IRS Fresh Start Program only work directly with the IRS a couple times a year; the rest of their time is spent preparing tax returns or handling their clients’ business and personal accounts. At Fresh Start Info, we only partner with agencies whose main area of expertise is tax relief. Our partners work with the IRS every day and know what it takes to win cases against the IRS.

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