2020 Might be the Best Year to File for Debt Relief

The holidays are a time for family and celebration, but for many Americans, tax debt could prevent them from experiencing that joy this year. 

While 2020 may seem like the worst possible year to have unresolved back taxes, there is a silver lining to this year of hardship. 

When the IRS returned to work, they found a backlog of almost 11 million pieces of unanswered letters and mail. To make up for lost time, experts noticed that the IRS was qualifying more people than usual for tax relief. 

How to Find Out If You’re Eligible for Tax Relief 

Thanks to a recent expansion of the Fresh Start Program and the global pandemic, 2020 might be the year to qualify for Installment Agreements or Offers in Compromise. 

IRS examiners are trying to burn through their enormous backlog. Currently, they are more lenient when analyzing a taxpayer’s ability to pay back taxes – making the Fresh Start Program available to a larger group of taxpayers. 

When you fill out our Tax Relief Survey, you can see if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program and begin your journey towards tax resolution in minutes.

Don’t Wait till Next Year to Resolve your Tax Debt 

Authorities are forecasting that by 2021 many businesses and public places are going to re-open. Should the country return to normalcy, IRS examiners will have less reason to look upon cases with leniency. 

If you have an income next year, you could be facing harsh penalties such as wage garnishments. There will be less room for negotiation with the IRS in the absence of nation-wide distress.

While the Fresh Start program will still be around next year, the likelihood of wiping out this much tax debt will decline. Don’t wait till 2020 has passed to check your eligibility, do so today! 

See if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program today!

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