Since you’ve ended up here, you, or someone you know, probably owe money to the IRS. If you are one of the 46 million people who owe the United States Government, you know first hand how stressful and isolating dealing with IRS debt can be. In these tough economic times, even owing a few thousand dollars can cripple families financially for decades.
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People end up in tax debt for a number of different reasons. Maybe it’s from years of back income taxes, improperly or unfiled tax returns or you may have received a gift or inherited an estate and just can’t afford to pay the taxes on it. If you’re a business owner maybe you ended up owing taxes because you were just trying to feed your family and couldn’t make ends meet while setting aside money for your IRS taxes. Even some of the biggest corporations have faced hard times and have gotten into hot water with the government due to their taxes. No doubt you want to do the right thing and rid yourself of this unnecessary debt. The situation is: if you could have resolved your debt with the IRS, you would have by now. IRS agents are probably constantly sending threatening letters, knocking on your door, or utilizing private collection agencies to harass you. It seems there’s nothing you can do to get them off your back. When you owe the IRS, they will utilize every legal means available to collect your debt. It could be they’ve repossessed the vehicle that you use to get to work, put a lien on your family home, filed embarrassing and public tax lien notices, and took money directly out of your paycheck or bank account. In short order, they take everything you have until your debt is repaid…if they haven’t begun doing that already. You may be asking yourself, “Are there really legitimate IRS debt relief programs out there to help me get out from underneath the paralyzing weight of this IRS tax debt?” The truth is, the IRS’s aggressive collection tactics have forced the federal government to step in to protect its citizens. These programs were created for people who cannot find another way out of their crippling tax debt. It’s your right to find relief. Qualify for the Fresh Start Program for free by clicking here. The IRS, for obvious reasons, prefers these federally-backed programs to not become widely known or accessible. IRS collectors are trained to ignore your pleas and excuses. No matter your situation, no matter your reason, IRS collectors will press on and demand the money you owe.
Remember: the IRS is not your friend. They are not here to help you. They are here to get as much money possible from you. Period.
You owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage of the federal relief programs your government has forced the IRS to accept. It’s your right as a taxpayer to not be harassed and hunted by the IRS when you are unable to repay your debt in full.


The IRS has to offer relief to taxpayers per the laws the federal government passed, but they are fighting tooth and nail to disqualify those who do apply to their programs. Many people who attempt to qualify for a settlement offer are rejected on technicalities even though they are strong candidates for relief. In almost all situations, the best option for ensuring that their settlement offer is accepted by the IRS is to partner with a tax relief company. These companies often host a full staff of CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, case managers, case workers, and tax preparers who will work together to build your case and present it to the IRS. When the IRS deals with a taxpayer directly, they will try every trick in the book to disqualify or mislead them. However, when a collector is negotiating with a tax professional, they are forced to grit their teeth, forgo their tricks, and truly consider the settlement offer that is presented to them. Of course, not all tax relief companies are created equal.
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If you do decide to partner with someone to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, do your research and make sure you work with a company that is highly qualified and legitimate.


When you’re dealing with the IRS, it is important you make a decision to move forward with your relief plan immediately. Why? Every single day you wait, your tax debt is growing. Literally. That is not a fear tactic. That is not an exaggeration. That is just the facts. The IRS tacks on compounded daily interest onto your tax debt until you fully pay off your balance. That means that even if you are fully compliant with the IRS, even if you are on a payment plan, your tax debt will continue to rise. It’s important to note that whenever you ignore the IRS or try to delay your payments, the IRS assumes you’re trying to cheat them. The longer you wait, the more they suspect tax fraud and evasion (which are criminal offenses) and they get nastier and nastier! If you are truly unable to pay your tax debt, you are more than likely qualified for relief! IRS tax relief programs really do exist. They’ve pulled people out of financial hardships and they can do the same thing for you. Yes, tax debt is stressful, but you don’t have to continue carrying this burden. Why wait to benefit from that type of tax relief?


What makes a highly qualified tax relief company? The best tax relief companies come with a full-time, in-house staff with a 98% success rate or higher. Oftentimes, scammers and swindlers will try to convince you that they are able to handle your tax debt without the fees of a “big tax firm”. Yes, a tax firm will cost money…but, often people waste more money trying to hire a fly-by-night company or handling it themselves. If you’re looking to make an investment in yourself, in your future, take the time to rid yourself of your tax debt right the first time. Hiring a professional to handle your tax debt is the single most important thing you can do to benefit your situation. Yes, technically, you are able to negotiate your tax debt on your own. But the odds of working out a GOOD settlement on your own are slim to none. Search the internet. You will see plenty of people saying, “I did this for free! I called the IRS, and I’m on a payment plan. No need to hire a firm.” And that’s true. You can call the IRS, and they will be MORE THAN HAPPY to put you on a payment plan. Why? Because they get EVEN MORE of your money that way! What the IRS won’t tell you is that your monthly payment barely covers the interest that they charge you every month. That means you will pay month after month for the rest of your life…never seeing a true decrease in your debt. And God forbid you run into financial trouble down the road and miss a payment. Defaulting on just ONE of your payments with the IRS will completely null and void your agreement. The IRS will not give you second chances. Default on a payment and the IRS will come after your paycheck, bank account, and property. So, while some people say, “You can do this for free! Get on a payment plan,” you’re really just playing into the IRS’s game. “But can’t I negotiate my own settlement?” Yes and no. To even be allowed to enter a negotiation for a settlement offer, you need to present a case to the IRS proving a severe financial hardship, and the IRS will look for any reason to disqualify you. Many times people that attempt to negotiate their own settlement with the IRS get flat out rejected because the paperwork is complicated to fill out correctly and they don’t know all the allowable expenses and deductions they are entitled to.
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Legitimate tax relief companies regularly save their clients 90 to over 99% of their tax debt, while it is extremely rare for a private citizen to negotiate a substantial settlement on their own. You must also consider the terms that you are agreeing to when negotiating with the IRS. The people who do negotiate a decent deal for themselves often end up defaulting on their deal because of ridiculous and unrealistic terms that they were bullied into by the IRS. Regardless of what the IRS says, you are not free-loading by utilizing these relief programs. The United States Government forced the IRS to create various tax relief programs because not having them was deemed unconstitutional. The IRS can be forced to comply with these GOVERNMENT REQUIRED tax relief programs, but only if you are properly and fully armed by understanding the options and the correct application to your particular situation! But again, beware, the IRS is NOT going to explain this to you when you call. They do not hesitate to keep taxpayers in the dark about their tax relief programs. So, you can negotiate your own tax debt relief with the IRS but it’s probably not in your best interests to do so. Would you try to be your own lawyer in any other situation?


Your CPA is an expert at bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial reports, and giving financial advice. That’s what they do all day, every day. And that’s exactly why they are NOT equipped to handle your tax relief case. This is not to say the work of CPAs and accountants are not important. Any reputable tax relief company will have plenty of CPAs on staff to assist with cases, but they are by no means experts in tax relief, which is an entirely different beast. Any legitimate CPA will tell you that straight out. The bottom line is that your accountant and even your CPA are completely unequipped to do tax relief. In reality, you’re probably just as well-off handling the case on your own…If you need tax relief, you need it now. You cannot afford to wait for your CPA to try to figure out the tax relief industry for you. You need someone who does tax relief all day, every day. And only tax relief companies can say that they do.


FreshStartInfo handpicks our partners. We have strict guidelines on the criteria that tax relief firms must reach to be sponsored us. Why? Because we are advocates for the TAXPAYER. Not a tax relief firm. Not the IRS. We want what’s best for YOU. All of our partners offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to FreshStartInfo readers. This is a GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVE for those who sign up for a consultation via the form below. You’re here already so if it feels right, why not give us a call or fill out the form so we can connect you with some legitimate relief companies. Regardless of what you choose, if you are struggling with your tax debt today, you must do something about it! The IRS will not wait for you to come up with a plan. You must protect yourself now before it’s too late. Too many people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the IRS. Don’t let your situation become any worse. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will be 100% TAX DEBT FREE.