Take the power back from the IRS. Find out if you’re going to be audited before it happens. The surprise IRS audit is a classic American fear. But did you know that there are ways to know if an audit is headed your way? Don’t sit around waiting for the IRS to attack. Take action now and thank yourself later. Last year, the IRS completed over ONE MILLION audits of American taxpayers, and that number is DOWN from how many audits the IRS usually conducts on a yearly basis.
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The number one, sure-fire, way to know if you’re on a short list to be audited is if you already owe back taxes, didn’t file past tax returns or misrepresented yourself in past returns. If you haven’t run into trouble with the IRS yet, you still might be headed toward a tax audit if you were notified of a tax examination. A tax examination means that the IRS reviewed your most recent tax return. If there was a discrepancy on your tax return or the IRS found other reasons of concern, you can expect an audit the following year. If you don’t know if you were subject to a tax examination, contact a tax relief firm. A quick look into your tax history will reveal if the IRS completed a tax examination.
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If you already have tax debt or have unfiled taxes, know that the IRS will soon come after you. If you haven’t been contacted by the IRS yet, start preparing with a tax relief company now. What to do next: If you were subject to a tax examination, now is the time to act. Don’t wait around until the IRS springs an audit on you. Have tax debt? Find relief below: