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Tax relief misinformation hides in plain sight. Here’s how to tell fact from fiction when it comes to resolving your tax debt.

If you’re in tax debt, it can be extremely difficult to know what is true and who to trust.

The tax relief industry is surrounded by distorted facts that can waste your time, effort, and money. It seems everyone has a different opinion about resolving tax issues with the IRS.

That’s why the taxpayer advocates at Fresh Start Information created this 60-second survey to match you with a trusted tax pro. Click here to check your eligibility for IRS Tax Forgiveness Programs that real Americans use everyday.

Here are the three biggest sources of tax relief misinformation you need to watch out for:

1. Big Tax Relief Companies 

Shady tax relief companies claim they can reduce your tax debt to a small fraction of what you owe. But, they charge high upfront fees and rarely produce the promised results.

It’s true – any company that promises to achieve a specific outcome before assessing your financial situation is making false promises.

The IRS does offer legitimate tax relief programs that significantly reduce your debt – like the Offer in Compromise. However, not everyone qualifies for these programs. Click here to check your eligibility.

2. The IRS 

The IRS expects you to pay your debt in full as soon as possible, or you will face more penalties, interest, and eventually – aggressive collections actions. 

To make matters worse, your IRS Agent won’t inform you about tax forgiveness programseven if they know you can qualify.

That’s why you need a trusted tax professional by your side (not a big tax company), guiding you toward real relief programs that the IRS doesn’t want you to use.

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3. News Outlets

News outlets parrot the IRS warnings, cautioning you to beware of ANY company that promises to reduce your tax debt. But this blanket statement is hardly true.

The IRS offers real tax relief programs like Offer in Compromise and Penalty Abatement that can reduce your tax debt – if you meet stringent eligibility rules. Trusted tax professionals enroll their clients in these programs every day.

Tell us about your tax issue to match with a trusted pro and receive the relief you need.

With falsehoods on all sides of the industry, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Tax Relief Scams Exist – So Do Legitimate Tax Pros

Tax relief scams hide in plain sight. But trusted tax relief professionals like Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys produce excellent results for American taxpayers every day.

Trustworthy tax pros will bring you back into IRS complianceeven if you have years of unfiled returns. They will screen your eligibility for real forgiveness programs, and create a plan that includes best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Your tax pro will fight for you, using their expertise to negotiate with your IRS Agent and reach a more favorable outcome for your budget.

How to Find a Trusted Tax Relief Professional

The taxpayer advocates at Fresh Start Information can match you with a verified tax expert who specializes in resolving cases like yours. We only partner with the most trusted Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys who have a presence in their communities.

Complete our brief tax survey to get matched with a verified tax relief professional.