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Gig workers like Uber drivers and DoorDashers may qualify for tax penalty forgiveness under the IRS’ recently expanded eligibility rules. Check your eligibility below.

IRS Expanding Tax Forgiveness Programs

Gig workers like Uber drivers and DoorDashers often forget to report their 1099 earnings each tax season, leading them into thousands of dollars of tax debt. 

However, the IRS is expanding tax forgiveness programs in 2024 that can help gig workers get their tax penalties forgiven.

“The IRS should be looking out for taxpayers, and this penalty relief is a common-sense approach to help people in this situation,” explained IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you could qualify for significant tax debt relief – whether you’re a Gig worker or not.

New Penalty Relief Initiative

This year, IRS officials updated the eligibility rules around tax penalty relief, making it easier to reduce or even completely wipe out tax debts for those meeting the updated qualifications.

Program expansions aim to provide penalty relief to taxpayers who were unable to stay fully compliant during the pandemic disruptions. Small business owners and independent contractors can now receive higher levels of tax debt forgiveness.

Even if you have multiple years of unfiled returns or owe substantial amounts to the IRS, you may still be eligible to have certain penalties and interest charges erased.

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Check Your Eligibility Now

Don’t miss this opportunity to clear your name with the IRS and get a fresh start financially. But time is limited – act now before the IRS closes this expanded forgiveness program.

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The Fresh Start Plan: How It Works

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This simple questionnaire provides our team with the information we need to assess your eligibility for IRS Fresh Start Programs that help taxpayers who owe more than they can reasonably afford to pay.

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The Fresh Start Info team analyzes your eligibility assessment and matches you with one of our tax relief partners who specializes in cases like yours. We only partner with verified and credentialed professionals.

3. Resolve your tax debt for good.

A team of expert Tax Attorneys and IRS-enrolled agents create a custom resolution plan tailored to your unique tax situation, saving you the most amount of money allowable while complying with IRS tax code.

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What clients say about the Fresh Start Plan.


Esequiel Meza, June 3rd

Friendly and courteous customer service. I felt like the agent empathized with my concerns and he worked very hard to address them. He was very clear and very concise.


Jon Perdue, May 7th

When I called it was shortly before the end of the day, and the guy who helped me understanding. He was able to help me understand what was happening with my tax returns. I recommend this company to take care of anyone’s needs.


Hengameh Melamed, 5 days ago

I spoke with a customer service representative named Elizabeth and was extremely satisfied with her service. She was exceptionally helpful, going above and beyond!

Join 87,427 Americans who settled their tax debt for less than they owed.

Save more than just money with the Fresh Start Plan.

You’ll save time, effort, and frustration.

Save months of wasted effort.

Negotiating a tax settlement typically takes months to complete, and some resolutions can take up to two years. Most taxpayers spend over 75 minutes on hold when calling the IRS.

Our three-step plan streamlines the tax resolution process, matching you with a team of tax relief specialists who contact the IRS on your behalf and minimize your time to resolution.

Leave the legwork to our verified experts.

Applying for Fresh Start Programs like Offer in Compromise or Currently Non-Collectible status requires dozens of hours of specialized legwork by tax experts. Having unfiled tax returns greatly exacerbates this process. Even a reasonable Installment Agreement can require nimble negotiation best performed by a tax attorney or enrolled agent. 

Our three-step plan will match you with a tax relief provider who handles all of the legwork for you: filing all unfiled returns, preparing your application, and communicating with your IRS agent.

Get the relief you need. Not the headache you don’t.

The IRS only accepts 36% of applications for Offer in Compromise, the relief program that can significantly reduce your tax debt. Even if you meet the program criteria, there is still a high chance the IRS will reject your proposal.

Your provider will guide you to a relief program that balances maximum debt reduction with the best chance of approval. Our preferred providers have successfully resolved thousands of cases – they know precisely which resolution proposals the IRS will likely approve or deny.

Your relief, guaranteed.

Resolve your tax issue with confidence, knowing that our partners provide multiple guarantees to ensure IRS-compliant filing, accurate calculations, and most importantly – your tax issues resolved.

Our partners are BBB accredited and possess IRS Power of Attorney in all 50 states.

Frequently asked questions

Fresh Start Info is not a tax relief service itself, but rather an educational platform that matches taxpayers with verified tax relief partners based on their specific situation. The site aims to provide unbiased information to help taxpayers understand relief options like the IRS Fresh Start programs.

After completing the survey, Fresh Start Info connects you directly with your matched tax relief provider, who will contact you by phone or email. Communication is then handled between you and that provider to resolve your tax issue.

Fresh Start Info has a vetting process to only partner with credentialed tax professionals like attorneys and enrolled agents who have proven expertise in tax resolution cases. Partners must also maintain accreditations like from the Better Business Bureau.

The fees for tax relief services are determined by your specific tax situation and the resolution program you qualify for. Your matched provider will lay out pricing details and options tailored to your case during your consultation.

Join 87,427 Americans who settled their tax debt for less than they owed.