Tax relief companies have been popping up around the country since the early 2000s. When the IRS released the Fresh Start Program, millions of Americans had access to relief from crippling tax debt, but many found the process confusing and near impossible to finish with a satisfying result. To fill the gaps, tax relief companies began to advertise their services and promising to settle debts for “pennies on the dollar”.
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These companies traditionally came with a full staff of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs, who navigated the Fresh Start Program for you and allowed you the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting the best the program has to offer. But, of course, these firms must charge for their time, and attorney’s do not come cheaply. So, how do you know if you’re overpaying for your tax relief? Find a Reputable Tax Relief Firm Before you agree to work with a company, make sure you do plenty of research into who will actually be working on your case. As the national tax debt continues to grow, more and more people think they are capable of filing some IRS tax forms on your behalf and calling them a “tax relief professional”. If you’ve already done your research into the Fresh Start Program, you know that when applying for tax relief, you essentially have one shot. If you present a case and get rejected, that’s it.
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Depending on your situation, it may be essential for you to hire a tax relief firm. If you do choose to partner with a pro, a few questions to ask to ensure their legitimacy are: “How many tax attorneys and enrolled agents do you employ full-time?” “What is your success rate with submitted offers to the IRS?” Do the Math If you owe $1,000 to the IRS and a Tax Relief Firm is charging $900 to begin a tax investigation, it may not be worth it to work with that firm. It doesn’t mean that the company is a scam, but it would be like hiring an A-list lawyer to fight a parking ticket. But if you owe $5,000 or $10,000 or $100,000, suddenly the stakes are much higher. When thousands of dollars are on the line, the real question is: do you trust yourself to be your own lawyer against the IRS.
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