Navigating the IRS Fresh Start Program can be difficult. Choosing who your tax relief company can be even harder. Here are the 3 top questions you should ask a tax relief company before giving them a penny.
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1. What Is There Success Rate? The truth is, not everyone qualifies for the Fresh Start Program. There are some tax relief firms out there who are just looking for clients and will bring anyone and everyone who has tax debt on board. What happens is that they’ll charge you a whole bunch of money without any guarantee of an outcome. Tax Relief companies with an extremely high success rate (over 95%) mean that they are particular about who they’ll bring on as a client. They only bring on clients they feel have a strong enough case to win. 2. How Many Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents Do They Have On Staff? CPAs and other types of accounts are notorious for trying to get into the tax relief industry to make some more money throughout the year. If you’re going to pay someone to defend you against the IRS, make sure that someone is qualified and more than just a one-man-band. The point of paying a tax relief firm money to help resolve your tax debt is to give you the peace of mind that you will save the most amount of money possible. Without a full staff of tax attorneys and enrolled agents, a tax relief “firm” is simply not equipped to negotiate your best settlement. 3. How Long Have They Been In Business Unfortunately, in the tax relief industry, seniority speaks volumes. This is because scams companies pop up and disappear year round (but especially around Tax Season) looking for taxpayers to sucker into their services. One of the best ways to guarantee that you’re working with a reputable and successful firm is to ask how long they’ve been around. If they haven’t been in business long, or if they try to sell you on their years of experience in tax filing, it’s time to hang up the phone. Whether they have good intentions or not, when it comes to your tax relief, you need the best. Looking For A Reputable Tax Relief Firm?

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