IRVINE, CA – July 11, 2019

The big 3 tax relief agencies have finally been challenged by TaxRise Inc, a tax relief company founded in 2009 in Southern California.

The tax relief industry has been slow growing due to a small monopoly of national players who seem to drown out all other competition, and it seems that TaxRise has finally shaken up the industry and proved itself as a major player.

Based on our initial research of the company, TaxRise has maintained its steady growth due to its unique strategies their team utilizes when negotiating with the IRS.

Currently, TaxRise has a 98.6% success rate for their settlement offers with the IRS, something they proudly advertise.

FreshStartInfo spoke with the owner of TaxRise, Sam Price, who told us, “We spent a few years really perfecting our resolution strategy.”

This perfected strategy includes assigning multiple attorneys to each case, building cases around short-term wins for the IRS, and continual negotiations before an official resolution is submitted.

Price said, “We made a huge investment in our resolution team because these other companies just throw their clients on payment plans rather than fight with the IRS for a reduction in what is owed. If someone isn’t a slam dunk for a resolution, they won’t bother to help them build their case. It’s a numbers game. They just don’t want to do the work.”

The tax relief industry has long needed a shake-up in competition. In fact, the lack of true competition in the industry has lead to a long history of scams and profit-first companies that use the IRS’s fear tactics to their advantage.

In fact, FreshStartInfo was born out of the necessity for truthful and objective information as many of the major players in the industry have flooded resources with falsified information to drive their sales.

TaxRise hinted that they are not done yet with their industry shake-up, with CEO Sam Price saying, “We’re working on something big, that we’re all really excited about. It’s going to change the entire way tax relief is done.”

When FreshStartInfo requested for more information, we were told no further comment.

If TaxRise continues to grow at the pace that it has been over the past three years, they will easily dominate the industry.

If you would like to connect with TaxRise to help resolve your tax debt, CLICK HERE and complete our brief inquiry form.