The IRS is expanding tax forgiveness programs in 2024 that can help gig workers get their tax penalties forgiven. See if you may qualify below.

IRS Expanding Tax Forgiveness Programs

Gig workers like Uber drivers and DoorDashers often forget to report their 1099 earnings each tax season, leading them into thousands of dollars of tax debt. 

However, the IRS is expanding tax forgiveness programs in 2024 that can help gig workers get their tax debt and penalties forgiven.

The IRS should be looking out for taxpayers, and this penalty relief is a common-sense approach to help people in this situation,” explained IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you could qualify for significant tax debt relief – whether you’re a Gig worker or not.

New Penalty Relief Initiative

This year, the IRS has made it significantly easier to reduce or even completely wipe out tax debts for those meeting the updated qualifications.

(Click the link to see if you meet the updated qualifications

Small business owners and Independent contractors (1099 workers), can now receive higher levels of tax debt forgiveness. 

Program expansions aim to provide penalty relief to taxpayers who were unable to stay fully compliant during the pandemic disruptions, along with rampant inflation.

Even if you have multiple years of unfiled returns or owe substantial amounts to the IRS, you may still be eligible to participate in this IRS Forgiveness Program

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