state and federal employee tax relief

Working-class Americans were hit hard with furloughs and lay-offs due to the pandemic shutdowns, including federal and state employees. Often, these workers are not included in the metric of those adversely affected by the aforementioned hardship.

With the uprise and expansion of government relief programs, state and federal employees have just as much of an opportunity to relieve their tax debt as anyone else.

The misconception that government employees cannot apply for tax relief services is widespread but nonetheless false. As a taxpayer, you can qualify for relief programs that pertain to your hardship.

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What relief programs are available for state and federal employees?

The IRS Fresh Start Program has multiple tax relief options for Americans facing hardship. This program was designed to help taxpayers get out of debt that they cannot afford to pay.

Qualifying for Fresh Start is much easier than it has been in the past. More Americans are being approved for better plans or reduced liabilities. In fact, some tax liabilities are being reduced by as much as 95% or more.

Waiting to deal with tax debt?

While it is considerably harder to deal with any type of debt or bills during these times, the IRS has proven to be a very fickle agency. The resources and leniency that are being shown today are not guaranteed tomorrow.

The pandemic created an unusual circumstance in which it would be easier for the IRS to reduce and wipe out tax liabilities rather than spend time and resources collecting.

The shutdown caused a backlog of work that the IRS is still trying to catch up on. Waiting until after you file, or until the next tax season, will add to your current debt and likely reduce your eligibility chances.

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How state and federal employees can qualify for tax relief

Qualifying for Fresh Start has become much easier since 2020, as it expanded to meet the demands of the economy. IRS examiners are trying to burn through their enormous backlog. Currently, they are more lenient when analyzing a taxpayer’s ability to pay back taxes – making the Fresh Start Program available to a larger group of taxpayers.

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